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New FMX100

FM Modulation and AF spectrum analyser


FMX100 specification

Now Windows10 compatible

Latest news September 2015
We are proud to announce the FMX100 FM modulation analyser. This compact unit has been designed for precision monitoring of FM Radio Broadcasts. Connected to a standard Windows PC USB port, the user friendly interface displays comprehensive modulation data, for live ‘off-air’ analysis.

The unit has been fitted with two AtoD convertors, one 16 bit sampling the Baseband signal, and a new dedicated 12 bit convertor for measuring the Multipath distortion.

With an advanced ultra linear demodulator, containing dual feedback loops, maintain accuracy over time and temperature, by comparing deviation amplitude and phase to a 20ppm voltage reference band-gap diode. This effectively provides a calibration free instrument. The demodulator itself is virtually distortion-less, leaving only the IF filter response to determine the demodulation.

The supplied appliction, iLogV7, now Windows 8.1 and 10 compatible, provides full GPS support, with the latest Mark 4 high performance SiRFstarIV GPS magnetic receiver modules.

May 2015, FMX95

The FMX95 Skyhawk FM modulation analyser is introduced.
The Windows iLogV7 application provides full GPS support, with the latest Mark 4 high performance SiRFstarIV GPS magnetic receiver modules.

May 2014, FMX90 series launch

The FMX90 Skyhawk series FM modulation analysers introduced. These units have been designed for precision monitoring of FM Radio Broadcasts.

June 2013, new iLog V5.56
Incremental software application update

New iLog V5.51 software update for faster GPS mapping
The GPS mapping software routines have been completely reworked for a much
faster conversion time for creating the GoogleEarth kml files.
Additional options for displaying the data have also been added, making it easier to view the recorded data, when overlayed on the maps.

Windows 7 applications for TS9000/A and T980A analysers
Updated applications for TS9000/A, TS9080 analysers
Click Download for more information

Windows 7 USB driver
Users of TS9000,TS9000A, TS9050 and TS9080 analysers can now download a Windows7 USB driver. Click Download for more information

New screen resolutions
New iLog software update to support the increasingly popular VGAHD screen resolution.
We are pleased to welcome, A.R.F.C. Pty Ltd, who are based in N.S.W., as our new distributor for Australia

With the introduction of iLogV5, the software now includes GPS decoding to the NMEA global standard. It will automatically scan your PC for any connected GPS NMEA compliant devices.  Google Earth .kml files are generated for GPS tagged field measurement.

We are also proud to announce the TS9065, a low cost version of the TS9085.
The iLogV5 application supports this new unit, providing full GPS support.

The TS9085G and TS9065G models are supplied with a high performance SiRFstarlll GPS magnetic receiver module.



FMX95 specification


FMX90 specification


TS9085G TS9065G specification

The TS9085, the new and updated version of the TS9000 NAB2004 Radio World ‘Cool Stuff’ and The Radio Magazine ‘Pick Hit’ award winner 

The TS9085 builds on the success of the TS9050, with new features and improved performance.

Digital phase FM demodulator, ultra linear design and calibration free
User programmable input gain control, giving +/-10dB range, for Analyser and MPX input
BNC IF 10.7MHz input and output
New audio monitor, class AB output stage, with 0.5w/channel
Precision USB voltage regulator, for improved spectrum analyser measurements
Custom designed, dual chamber, aluminium extrusion enclosure
iLog software now supports, easy to program remote control, for software developers.
Wideband and narrowband IF filters

The combination of the new high performance analysers, with the new iLogV5 GPS software provides Broadcast engineers, whether working on-site or as a mobile unit, with a highly cost-effective FM monitoring system.

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